May 05, 2008

One Thing Leads to Another

Today I splurged. I took an advance on future garage sale earnings and bought this set of Mikasa Antique White dishes that I've been dreaming about for years. I had to buy them early so that I could sell my old dishes. I got them home, unpacked them put them in the dishwasher and realized something. Now I need new silverware. Somehow my old set seemed just fine with the old dishes but the new dishes have made it quite clear that they are not content to hang out with an old scarred set of flatware that is missing at least half of its spoons. Sweet hubby says, just buy more spoons. Silly man.

So, I've started shopping for something new and I've confirmed yet again that I have fantastic taste. You know how I know? Everything that I love is so expensive. I'm really drawn to the hotel silver sets pictured below however, I would also like to be able to send my girls to college. Maybe there's a compromise. Community college?

Pottery Barn Maxfield flatware $95.00 per place setting.

Vintage Hotel Flatware $79 per place setting

Williams Sonoma Hotel Silver flatware with monogram $329 for service for 4.


  1. That Mikasa Antique White dishes are just lovely.... my favorite too.

    Have a great day


  2. LOVE the dishes!

    And I hear thing DOES always lead to another. *sigh*

  3. Why is it that someone else can buy something at a garage sale and in their home it looks expensive and elegant and in my home it looks cheap? One another note...the hotel silver is fabulous and those dishes are just calling out to them saying, "You complete me!"

  4. LOVE the dish set. You deserve it! And I definitely agree about the expensive taste.. not a bad thing though!!

  5. I adore that PB set. So wish that had been around when I got married!

  6. I really love those white dishes. I think food looks better on them. I've been thinking of getting some too. I love the PB setting! Jeez it's so expensive! Have you looked on ebay. Good luck! I'm sure you'll find the perfect ones.


  7. I love Mikasa's Anitque White pattern. Fabulous choice! I chose this pattern for my wedding registry. It's such a lovely pattern I didn't feel the need for "fine china." My lovely mother-in-law then noticed that they're actually "Super Strong Fine China." They are beautiful and versatile. Flatware is another thing entirely. Good luck on that decision! (But I do love the PB set.)

  8. I have never been able to commit to the investment in proper silverware. We're still with 'cheap as chips' Ikea. Boo.

  9. LOVE those vintage silverware pieces! I am obsessed with hotel china, and those are seriously awesome!! :) Your dishes are gorgeous by the way!!

  10. I too, have French Countryside... from my wedding registry (nine years ago)... I love it... I also have the French Countryside flatware... which is great!

  11. Love love love that PB Flatware. It is on my wishlist!

  12. Love love love that PB Flatware. It is on my wishlist!

  13. Oh, Jenn-
    Dont you love the "snowball effect?" At my house this is what we call your "one thing leads to another"

    I especially like it when you go and get some new sheets for your bed, find the most fab design- but it dosent match a thing in the bedroom. So you go to Lowes and get paint, which certainly clashes with the carpet... ugh! The life of a serious style maven...ha ha

    Your china is great. I can see why you chose them. Me? Mikasa Satin Gown, totally deco- and totally not me (now) but I do love them.Even though they very seldomly get used- which is a pity because I received, like every piece. 18 years really changes a girl.
    Its me- out at the beach

  14. LOVE those dishes!

    Happy belated anniversary :)


  15. Jen,
    I love those dishes...I have been wanting to purchase some new dishes before we move in the new house...AND I want white...I'm going to check out the Mikasa site...right NOW! Love them!

    Oh! and I must have great taste, too, lol...everything I love is expensive...I'm just drawn to those things...go figure. The PB silver/flatware is gorgeous as all of the pieces you showed are. I love the simplicity of them and the monogram. We were fortunate to inherit my husband's great aunt's silver is so simple...but it has her initial on it...It's a "V"...not our initial...but I love them just the same! I think they are about 80 or so years old...they are a lovely work of art...I will always cherish them...but I would like to add my own silverware with our initials one day, too...would love to find some that coordinate with the ones that were hers.

    Thanks for sharing...blessings...

  16. Thanks for stopping by my blog and giving me the heads up, I did not know BB& B and L & T carried these...but I never look in dishes that often...I am heading over to BB&B...TODAY!!...I have a $50.00 gift card that I received when I bought some flatware for a friends son's I have a 20% off I ever glad I saw your post my hubbin may not be so happy about this...for one thing the home we are building is still currently in the design phase at the architects...that means at best it will be a year before we move...all the while I will need to store these lovely dishes till then ( I could use them now...but I want to save them for the new house!)...crazy me....I've already bought all the towels for the bathrooms, too...they were on SALE...I couldn't of course I've had to go out and buy more storage bins for all the towels......oh well, I'm always in a constant state of "trouble" around here!

    Thanks again...

  17. Love your new dishes...they are so pretty! Can't wait to see which silverware setting you choose :o) And yes,one things always leads to another!!!! LOL

  18. You definitely have wonderful taste! And there is nothing wrong with community college, LOL!!!

  19. I had to laugh about knowing you had great taste...I can always seem top pick out the most expensive item in the store--annoying!!


  20. Love the new dishes, you lucky girl! The white is wonderful...both classic and versatile. Hope you find your dream silver!

  21. Thank you for sharing! I love your blog. I ave just started mine and am not up to speed as we just had a wedding but I guess you have to start somewhere. May I add a link to your blog from mine? hugs, Linda

  22. Just Love your White dishes. They are stunning! Just like buying a new dress... next comes the shoes...then the purse... etc, etc,etc!! LOL!!
    Love your blog!

  23. Love your new dishes. You can't go wrong with white. I am still using the white china we received as wedding gifts almost 20 years ago (and I still like it)!!

  24. Check out this 90 piece set available at Horchow... $159...

    Good luck!

  25. Great post!!

    I love those antique white dishes!!

  26. I understand your pain...we were all out of spoons..I put them in my DH lunches when we ran out of plastic ones. Well somehow they always got lost. I had bought some cute blue gingham from Target years ago..but they were getting faded. So I thought when I come across a decent set I'll buy it. Well I Homegoods. They are silver with beading all around the handles and there is like 500 pieces in the set..I had to get more silverware dividers and take over another drawer in the kitchen to fit them all. They are very cute..simple but cute and could be dressed up or not. I paid like 79.00 dollars for whole set..that is the best part.

  27. I love those dishes! I just found some beautiful Reed & Barton flatware at Marshalls. It was service for 12 for $69. It came with so many extras like serving pieces, steak knives and soup spoons. The box says R&B Everyday. I didn't realize they were Reed & Barton until I got them home. I could not believe what a great deal it was! If you have a Marshall by you, you may want to look there! Gosh...Marshalls should start paying me!

  28. Not for nothing, and it may seem a 'cheap' thing to some, but I got my son and d-i-l a gorgeous set of Reed and Barton on QVC! They have many patterns of 18/10 stainless...NOT sterling, but it is heavy and so beautiful. Could be an inexpensive way to get a whole set to use as you save to get the SPECIAL set a little at a time!

    The kids may want to go to Harvard, ya know!

    Lynne D.

  29. Dude.

    I totally want some of that silver, too. GOAH!!! So many things to little money.

    My friend Kirsten has some and it's great - she pops it in the dishwasher and it has a great patina. I wish I could put my silverplate in the dishwasher.

    See? That's why I need the sterling. Because i can't put the silverplate in the dishwasher!



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