March 16, 2009

Little Blue Houses for You and Me

See this adorable little felt house? It was a birthday gift for Emma that I got from Wisteria. I loved it so much that I had to get one for myself. Well, actually I fell in love with it first and was determined to buy it when the Little Miss went and fell in love with it too. It was less expensive than the one I first saw at Anthropologie. It's also quite a bit larger and much sturdier. Emma has a lot of plans for hers. She uses it to play with her tiny stuffed animal collection, plans to use it as a suitcase on trips, and eventually as her sewing box. Mine is going to be used to hold my embroidering. Little girls come in all sizes.

Answers to your Questions:
I get a lot of questions from you guys, usually left in the comments. I try to answer them as best I can and thought I would occasionally start doing this at the bottom of my posts when I have lots to answer. If I've missed any of you, email me and let me know.

Allison- The mirror is strictly because, apparently I'm pretty vain and I like to check my face on the way out the door. Originally I just hung it in there for the hooks but I realized while we were working on the room and the mirror wasn't in there that I really missed it. Plus it does make the room feel slightly bigger!

The Lind Family- The glass canisters are from Target in the kitchen aisles. They are super reasonable and I love them. I use the same canisters in my kitchen, I would probably have them in every room!

Lisa (Coastal Nest)- The counter is that blasted plywood I was talking about. It is spackled and sanded and spackled and sanded some more. Don't get me started.

Esther- The cream color is just Antique White by Dulux/ICI paint. It's what the builder used for all of our trim so we carried it in this room too.

City Girl Em- The paint color is Martha Stewart Araucana Blue from Lowes and by the way those baskets are from Target.

Christine- The room is 5'9"x6'3" and the cubby area is 3'3"x3'9". The above pic is for you. Because of the size of the room it is very hard to photograph that corner.


  1. Love your house Jen. It will be perfect for your embroidery. I bet Emma loved her too. So you used plywood for your that right? If you could do it again what would you suggest being you did not like using the plywood? And I really like those baskets from Target. I have to go take a look and see if ours has them too. RJ

  2. Coulda fooled me about the plywood countertop! looks totally awesome. Ive got the paint on, the window trim is going up as I type, Its getting near completion!! woo hoo!! No excuses not to be in this room any longer!!
    thanks girly..
    -from the beach~

  3. Haha that's cool I like doing one last check up out the door too lol. It looks great!

    All the best,

  4. Those little felt houses are the most divine things ever! Rachaelxo

  5. I love the gift! So girly and pretty!

    I also love the fact that you create such a beautiful home with things found at Target. Their things are so reasonable and durable. You are a constant source of inspiration for me!

  6. I love any box that can hold treasures and this one is ADORABLE. I am in the midst of a PINK HOUSE obsession...I found a few fun pieces on ETSY and since then...wel, soon my entire office will be covered (he,he).

  7. o.k.
    i was wondering when you were going to stop by and say "hello" to me!!!
    love when you have a new post.

  8. hi jen,

    you are one of the stars of my blog post today. (hope it's all okay)

    come see!


  9. HI Just started reading your blog. I want to ask where you got the cubbies for your mudroom. Or did you make it?


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