June 03, 2009

Summer Lovin' Part 2- Emma's List

Number 1 on Emma's List was to learn how to ride her bike. Two days ago I took her to the basketball court and in less than an hour I finally got my 8 year old girl riding a bike sans training wheels. A big day here in the Kershner house. Now the number 1 thing on her list is:
  • get a new bike
  • do crafts
  • picnics
  • nature hikes
  • write poems
  • go to: the White River, Chicago and lake house
  • farmers market
  • go fishing
  • camp in the back yard
  • have a lemonade stand
  • go out for ice cream and sno cones
  • swimming
  • garage sales
  • decorate doll house
  • zoo and museum
  • splash park
  • swing
  • play games
  • garden
  • take Millie for walks
  • bake and cook
  • go to bookstores and library
  • go to movies
  • read
  • have lots of play dates
  • have sleepovers
  • have a book exchange party
Isn't that an awesome list? I can't even tell you how much I wish my childhood had been as idyllic as Emma's. I hope we get to do each and every one of those things. Although, come to think of it, I might have to hire someone to clean my house for the summer, you know to free up my schedule for all of her activities. Will you guys help me convince Sweet Hubby that it's in the best interest of the children to do so?

By the way, I think Maddie's list goes something like this: sleep, eat, text, shop.


  1. Hey, her list resembles my list! Sounds like a well rounded girl!!

  2. Such a wonderful idea to have a list from each child!! What a well-rounded little girl. Guess you better get out and get that new bike today ;-) xoxo

  3. I love both of your lists! I have been meaning to make a list too as tomorrow is the last day of school. Last year we did lots of "field trips" and had a great time, so I need to think of more for this year. Congrats on no training wheels...a big accomplishment!

  4. I love Emma's list, actually both of the lists look great to me! I think you should have a housekeeper...I think I should have a housekeeper ;)

  5. Sounds like a great summer list to me! Very fun!!

  6. I LOVE her list! She's definitely my kind of girl. Makes me sorta wish for a Summer that didn't have "potty training" as a main priority. ;)

    As for a housekeeper - there are probably lots of High School or college girls who need to earn a little extra cash. I used to clean houses when I was that age! Tell hubby it would be the quasi-philanthropic thing to do. :)

  7. Wow she's got a great list going.

    My little one just learned how to ride a bike this week too...YAY! She's so proud of herself. My heart stops a little everytime she gets on because she wants to go too fast and she's still a little unstable, but that's just the mom in me.

  8. That is adorable. Oh how I wish I was a little girl again. It seems that she has a great imagination, which is so important. I hope all your summer wishes come true! You've inspired me to create my own summer wish list :)

  9. That is quite a list Miss Emma and congratulations on riding your bike with no training wheels! WOO HOO!! I think it is time now for your Daddy to buy you a shiny new set of wheels (and a little basket too)!!

  10. Congrats to Emma on learning to ride a bike, and right in time for summer! You're are definitely in gear to have a very busy summer. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I vote to call in some help to keep the home and hearth in shape so your family can truly enjoy the summer. It IS the selfless thing to do! :)

  11. yeah for emma!!
    i'm cracking up about maddy--i think i have 2 living here with the same goal!
    good luck on the house cleaning lady campaign!!!

  12. I hope I get to spend one day this summer doing what's on Maddie's list - guilty pleasures, especially the sleep part....

    Thanks, Jen, for your visit to the Cottage Child. I've enjoyed your site so much and appreciate your checking in with mine.

  13. Congratulations to Emma! What a great Summertime list she's put together. Enjoy every minute!

  14. Yay for Emma! A new bike is definitly in order, and I'm with Cammy--can't have a bike without a basket! My girls have one and even me too! Enjoy every single minute of your summer!

  15. That is a great list and I'm loving that bike! They have bikes like that in Watercolor and they are so wonderful to ride. It's like being on a cloud!

    Maddie's list is great too...the sleep and eat part. Sounds like my day today.


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