August 27, 2009

When the Cat's Away...

In the studio I'll play.

Recently Sweet Hubby was out of town on business for a few days freeing up my schedule for play time. My favorite new studio tool is my Janome Sew Mini sewing machine that I use strictly for paper & craft sewing. Here's a little peek at what I've been doing. Sadly I've been sick this week and not even feeling up to playing. I'm hoping to be recovered enough by tomorrow to finish a new project that I want to share with you.

Hope you are having a creative day and not feeling bogged down with the sniffles!


  1. this so much. Can't wait to see in person!

  2. I think all that cleaning made you sick. You shouldn't do that anymore.

  3. Ooooh, I love what you made. And that new toy/tool sounds very fun. I might have to look into that myself. I always love what you create and what you're doing in your beautiful home Jen!


  4. I haven't visited in a long while, but I loved catching up today, and still love your blog. Feel better soon!

  5. Those blasted sniffles. Don't they know that they are most certainly not welcome in August? Sending you hot tea wishes....

    ps- Loving that little dairy emblem thingy. Your crafty self slays me.

  6. Hi Jen,
    I hope you feel better....I keep hearing about people who are sick with summer colds. I hope yours disappears quickly! I am loving your new creations...the red paired with off white is one of my favorite color combinations!


  7. JEN, how lovely!
    I want to see the entire card!
    Cheryl in B-town

  8. I love the color scheme, love the details! Yes, please show the entire card!


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