December 13, 2009

My Christmas/Birthday/Valentine's/Anniversary/Mother's Day/Just Because Wish List

Since my birthday falls just 5 days before Christmas, I get to make a bigger wish list. To be honest I will not get much off of this list as we are trying to limit our holiday/birthday spending to $100 each. I'm sure that seems like hardly anything to many of you but there have been many years when we have spent much less. This list will probably just serve as a reminder to me all year of things I would like to pick up when I can. Except the big Canon camera. That's what we in the business call a pipe dream.

 From Etsy: $28 The Elsie Felt Brooch

 Heather Bailey Felt $2.25 per sheet

 The following 4 things are all from French General Of course I could be happy with anything from there.




Because I'm a bit obsessed with ampersands. Who knows why? $36 from French Larkspur

From Williams Sonoma Hot Chocolate maker $100

For doctoring up my hot chocolate. From Pottery Barn $39 condiment set.

Embroidery patterns from Sublime Stitching $5.

Canon Powershot from Amazon $149

And since we're dreaming... from Costco $900

From my Amazon wish list $30. This book is amazing!

Copic markers in various colors $5 each.

This online class is at the top of my list and it might just have to be a Birthday gift to myself!

I hope this gives you some inspiration for your own wish list. The truth of the matter is that I already have everything I need. It's just nice to dream.


  1. Hi Jen :)

    Since I've been following your blog I have always loved your wish lists. Maybe because they give me ideas?? ;)

    Loving the condiment set... oh my!


  2. Great list! Love the turquoise necklace (and just about anything else from French General). Hope some of your wishes come true!

  3. Awww...such a sweet list!

    With the title I was thinking....oh boy...this is gonna be a doozie! You know, The one huge gift that has to encompass every single holiday that year!

  4. I second the hot chocolate maker! It would go great with the waffle maker I asked for.

  5. Well, I just made the mistake of showing Cory your pipe dream and he spent the next 8 minutes delivering a lecture that might as well have been in a foreign tongue. Needless to say - he thinks it's a good choice. He first said it was one slight step below his, then he retracted that statement saying, "You could actually probably argue that it's one slight step above mine because...blah blah blah blah blah."

  6. Okay, I had to go make a cup of hot chocolate (dark chocolate with peppermint mocha creamer) before I got lost in link land. I am absolutely going to order the bicycle stitchery pattern. What a great list!

  7. I LOVE french general and I LOVE hot chocolate! Just made myself some two nights ago! Although mine was the cheat kind, in an envelope complete with mini marshmallows, lol.
    As for the Canon T1i BUY IT! I have just researched this camera to DEATH along with the Nikon D90. And I finally bought the Nikon for a b-day present to myself!! I just bought a nice SD Card for it tonight and cannot WAIT to use it!

  8. Ok sorry, I just realized you have a spending limit sorry! Ok, buy it after your house sells :)
    And now you have me drooling over the farmhouse book too! Thanks! LOL

  9. Hey Jen! I am so glad you included something from Etsy! I LOVE the condiment set and will have to put that on my fantasy gift list as well as the scrap class! I love the idea of making a book of all the little things I cut out of magazines. As you know I have a nice camera but I'd like a new one too! But I want a Nikon this time :) Thanks for your great list.

  10. Love the necklace kits...perfect gift ideas for my favorite girlfriends!

  11. Your $100 limit seems very generous to this little-ole rural Nova Scotian! If I had to choose just one of your wants, I'd have to agree with so many others and go with the hot chocolate maker. There's just something about a cup of quality chocolate that makes winter seem much more bearable!

  12. I really want the hot chocolate maker now!! So cute!! Very awesome wish list!! That Canon camera looks amazing!!

  13. What an amazing looking online class. I just went over to read about it :)


  14. I think I will be adding those French General necklaces to my list as well :)

  15. Loving your wish are a bad influence!! Hope you get all of your wishes!!

  16. what a great list!!!! to open some of these links
    merry christmas sweet friend


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