January 02, 2010

Choosing Joy

I've spent too much time letting life happen to me or letting it pass me by. This year I want to be a part of every moment. As much as that is possible. I think this Christmas holiday, being plugged into my family has been a big part of that, the start of something bigger.

There are 3 things I'm choosing this year, because life really is a choice and how you live it is the most important choice of all.

Be Joyful- I am by nature an optimistic person, but I've felt that slipping away from me this past year. I want to focus on the positive. I want to choose joy because when I do, it causes a ripple effect in my life. The power of smiling can't be overstated.

Simplify- More and more I feel like I'm running around in circles because I'm overwhelmed. I get sensory overload and can't seem to accomplish anything because my mind is too busy. I want to quiet myself. I want to cut out the unimportant stuff so that I can focus on what really matters. So that I can...

Live Deliberately- I want to truly live my life, not  have my life happen to me. I want to absorb the experiences and live in the moment. I want to make choices and accomplish things. I want to enjoy the gifts of small moments, the sweet words and memories that deserve to be noticed and remembered. I want to make deliberate choices and not waste my days mindlessly. Except occasionally.

I hope you have a joyful, simple, deliberate day or whatever you choose for yourself.


  1. What beautiful ideas Jen! I especially love the first one. Being happy is a choice. It's an easy one too in my opinion. I hope all of your dreams come true this year!!!

  2. We are Soul Sistas!!! "Simplify" is one of the words that I discussed with mom and Cory. Looks like you and I have one heck of a year ahead of us...and we get to live it (intentionally) together! Yippee!

  3. Love it! My New Year's Eve post touched on similar thoughts, although not as eloquent. In years past, I've been in search of "JOY", although I love your pic: BE JOYFUL". It requires action...something I need to get my mind wrapped around. Life is a journey we live on purpose, with purpose.

  4. I love all three!!! I am right there with you!!! 2010 is going to be full of love and laughter...I just know it;)!!!


  5. Well said. We could all benefit from focusing more on these 3 things.

  6. Jen I agree with you 100%. I have started a journey with other called Thrive Thursday where the last thursday of the month we help each other Thrive.
    I want to live now- enjoy now- embrace now and not miss a thing. I stated on there- to quote Tim McGraw - I want to live like I'm dying.

  7. Amen! I am right there with you on this one. Too much negativity last year. I hope the changes I want to make in myself will spill over and effect the circumstances around me. This was a wonderful post!

  8. ...your title says it all!
    We "choose" everyday, I admire your list and I'll be right there with you, I choose Joy! xo
    (love your silver tray)

  9. Love your list. I think I could definitely use those three in my life. Hope you have a lovely 2010 :)

  10. I particularly like your comment about joy. It's so true! Here's to a glorious new year!

  11. Dearest Jen

    Love it. Amen! This might be a lengthy comment, so I apologize in advance...

    Reading Walden. Been simplifying for years now, doing pretty good, taking it to a 'ho notha level' this year. As you know I'll only leave the house once a week unless a dire emergency arises. It's quieted me down so much. I'm choosing to live consciously. To consume less, and give more. To paraphrase something I read in Walden...I want to live in the precipice of the past, and the future, and that is in the present. I'm choosing to stop worrying about things that never happen anyway. I wish you peace, joy and a sense of wonder as you journey on your new path Jen!

  12. "Live intentionally"
    I love that. A much better idea than a silly old "resolution"
    I enjoy your writing and look forward to what you have in 2010!
    Happy New Year!

  13. Beautiful Jen. You certainly have a way with the written word. Living deliberately...my hope too.

  14. Very nice ideas. I too am generally a very optimistic person, but the past two years have been all about life "happening to me" and me too overwhelmed to do much about it. I'm feeling very good about this new year. Problems have passed, attitudes have changed, and I'm ready to get proactive and be in charge again. I wish good luck to both of us!! Oh, and today, I am choosing to go to the movies without a care that the Christmas tree is still up!

  15. as my teenage sons would say "true that"...fresh year, fresh beginning..."choosing joy" sounds delightful...happy new year, jules

  16. It sounds like you have made some very good decisions to have a great year. May your new year bring all those things and with them much laughter, and love.

  17. I so agree, in the last couple of weeks I announced to my family I wanted to be happy, at first they looked at me and asked, I thought you were? But what I really meant was that I no longer will try to solve their problems, I will no longer get sucked into their drama. Thanks for a wonderful post. I choose Joy!

  18. Those are very inspiring words. A wonderful way to live.

  19. Beautiful Jen. I feel the same lately... too much going on and not enough enjoying of the moment. We have 4 billion projects going on and 4 kids running amuck. Slowing down sounds like a swell idea :)

    Happy New Year sweet friend!


  20. I often contemplated that same thought..."am I really choosing my life?" or do we live where we live because we always have, do what we do because it pays the rent, and live how we live out of habit. I think last year was the beginning of living my life deliberately...and it feels great.

    Just a few minutes ago I picked up my well-worn copy of Sarah Ban Breathnach's Simple Abundance -- always worth another read, rich with ideas and inspiration.

    One thought she expressed was that we are each the "curator of our own contentment." I liked that thought. Thought you might too.

    Thanks for always adding a little more joy to my day...


  21. Jen...I love the simplify part....however, I'm not sure there is such a thing as a simple Silver Bella..ha.

    Happy New Year....I am confident you will go forward and keep to your resolutions.

    xoxo, Julia

  22. Hi Jen,
    I really like this post...joyful, simplify and deliberate...a great way to start out 2010....me too! :)

  23. wow...you sooooooooo don't seem like the "life is passing me by or happening" girlie to me jen?????? i admire you...i want to be more LIKE YOU WOMAN!!! smile! i love what you wrote. i get it. i get what you mean....i just had to say the first part.

  24. Very inspiring goals for the year. I'm impressed that you can clarify your thoughts and get them down on paper, as it were.

  25. Amen, Amen! Thank you for these thoughts!!! love them!!!
    Happy New Year!!

  26. Ditto your wonderful "3" and I 2nd those thoughts for all of us! What a happier world it would be if we did this.

  27. Hello, I found your blog through Hope's at Paper Relics (dont'cha LOVE her)? Anyway, I love your blog and think this post is especially awesome. Thank you for the inspiration!


  28. Somebody's been really thinking about what she wants to change. Your ideas are just beautiful Jen....may the New Year be abundantly filled with happiness and joy! ~LA

  29. Such truly important aspirations for the New Year! Keeping these in mind will surely bring you much peace and joy in 2010.

  30. well said my friend. let's do something joyful soon!

  31. beautiful list jen!!!
    happy new year friend

  32. Happy 2010 sweetie pie. I totally LYL! (love your list)--and you, too!
    words to live by.....now, lets get started~

  33. (((Jen)))
    While searching for a image of the book, "Country Living-Storage it in Style" I found your wonderful blog.
    Man, your words and writing have really made me think....in a very good way. You're blog is amazing and you have a gift for writing my friend.
    I'm currently making changes in my life as well, including my silly blog, so reading through your blog entries gave me even more deliberation and joy. THANK YOU :)
    Enjoy the day.....


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