September 28, 2010

All Over the Place

One of the big disadvantages of not having enough time to blog is that when you find the time, it's hard to pick just one subject. Plus I'm having a bit of a focusing problem today. It may be the sugary cereal I started my day with. It may be a personality disorder.

One night this past week it was just us girls for dinner and not feeling the need to have a meat and potatoes meal Maddie and I made the Barefoot Contessa's Grown Up Mac and Cheese. You can find the recipe here. It was de-lish! Although next time I would skip the bread crumbs on top. It turns out I'm not a bread crumb on top kind of girl. My sweet girl Jayme also posted a mac recipe  and rumor has it this girl and this girl also have a mac post coming up. It's a mac off. None of this was planned by the way. Scary, isn't it?
Last week I checked Emma out of school and took her to see Mary Poppins the Musical. Amazing! Go see it if you have a chance.
The weather has finally turned here. We are having to cuddle up for warmth. It's got me wanting to bake things with apples, cinnamon and pumpkins. Speaking of pumpkins, have you noticed the dire shortage of canned pumpkin in the stores? And at a time when I need to make pumpkin cookies, chocolate chip pumpkin bread as well as pumpkin muffins, pancakes and scones. What's a girl to do?
Order a case of it from Amazon perhaps? I can't wait to til it gets here so I can get to baking.

I still haven't chosen a paint color. Thanks so much for all of your suggestions though. I did finally decide on bedding and went with something inexpensive on ebay so that I can easily live with the regret. It is from the Simply Shabby Chic line and should please my man and still allow me to mix in some cottagey (read flowery) prints. Tricky, huh?

My beloved bloglines is shutting down in 2 days. I've tried Google Reader but I'm not digging it. The truth is that I don't like change. Unless it's my idea. And then I'm still kind of iffy. I'm wondering how you guys keep up with blogs and how you save the blog posts that you want to reference again later. I'm feeling panicked. I don't want to lose all of those ideas that I will never have the time or money to do. You understand that, right?


  1. I just made the switch from bloglines about a week ago and I didn't like google reader at first either, but I have gotten used to it and there are a few features that I really like. Those posts you want to save - you star them and then you can search for starred posts and it will pull them all up for you AND you don't have to scroll through them every time - I like that.

  2. Hi Jen
    Love the bedding you've decided on ~nice and neutral and perfect for adding pillows etc with the Seasons. I know how you feel about making a change ...I think I lost all my followers when I had to start up another blog. Today is actually my 4yr blog Anniversary :-) hard to believe!

  3. I know Jen, I loooved bloglines as well and just cannot make Reader what I want it to be.

    I am going to be doing my bedroom soon as well but already have the bedding (I think til I change my mind) and am going a bit floral with Cath Kidston bedding but will limit the rest of the room with either stripes or plain patterns. Poor hubby is so very accomodating but I do think it looks a bit silly when I see these overly floral rooms and think "a guy sleeps in there"?

    Good Luck and can't wait to see the results ;)


  4. Funny about the abundance of mac and cheese posts!! We just made our first batch last week- must be the time of year. :) I like Martha Stewart's recipe....
    Loving your new bedding!

  5. I think I read that google reader is the only feed aggregator left, so I am not sure you have any other choices.

    I didn't like googlereader at first, but then again, I didn't like bloglines at first either. All things come with time I suppose.

  6. Oh my goodness gracious - so many things to say here - I may not remember them all.

    I think it's a personality disorder,cause I have it to. I swear I haven't been able to make a single decision since returning from our visit. Oy.

    Jen - don't know if you know - but you can cook down a real live pumpkin! ;-) I'm being snarky - me sorry - but seriously, just pick up a few of the small pie pumpkins, cut it up and steam it, mash it, voila! No need for a can.

    I'm happy to see they've finally made a musical about me.

    I just use my blog roll and I didn't even know there was something called Bloglines - I'm sorry - I don't like change either.

    This is getting way too long - I may be back.

    Vote for me! Vote for my mac and cheese!!

  7. Noticed that you are reading The Help
    It is on my list. heard it is really good : )

  8. i'm also sad about bloglines, but they've given it until november 1st, yay! an extra month.
    i also took my kids to see mary poppins last week! i loved all the costume changes.

  9. I am clueless about if just for bloggers? I am random on a regular basis. I blame it on a quick what was I saying?I foumnd tons of canned pumpkin at Walmart today. I got 6 cans then saw a friend in the parking lot and she told me it is just a rumor....there is plenty of pumpkin!?? Figures I would panic and be excessive! I also got the stuff for Jayme's mac and cheese and now I wish I had seen yours before. Next week!I love the bedding and am just a little green with envy over it and the musical! I took my granddaughter to see Nanny McPhee and cried at the end! I loved their house in it! Sorry to ramble!!

  10. Oh dear. Your Mac looks mighty tasty... You're in it to win it, I can tell.

    Love your duvet!! You made the right choice. Maybe we should go floral hunting when I visit?

    And I had no idea about the pumpkin shortage. But now that I do know, I'm up in arms about it, and I didn't even know I needed it in the first place!

    Also, don't listen to Jayme. I think she's trying to trick us with the whole "steam the real, live pumpkin" business. It just doesn't add up.

  11. Choc Chip Pumpkin bread!! That sounds amazing! Do you have a receipe to share? :)

  12. So, I just popped over to see Ina's recipe and it looks delish, just as you said, however I'm struggling with the fact that you are eating blue cheese without me. It's not right. Speaking of Ina, did you ever see the episode where she made a wonderful filet of beef and a dreamy gorgonzola cream sauce, but while the meat was resting, Ina went up and took a bath to get ready for her guests and they actually SHOWED HER in the bathtub. It was pretty traumatizing. Anyway, the next time they showed that episode, they took that part out, thank goodness. Obviously I was not the only one that thought that was a rather unappetizing idea. Can you tell I'm on cold medication? A little buzzy, yes?

  13. Pumpkin shortage? I hadn't heard, where have I been? I do however possess 2 exact replicas of the picture you posted, the canned pumpkin that is. Would you please, please do a post of your recipe for pumpkin scones! My personal favorite right after pumpkin bread. I'm still looking for recipes for both... nothing I've tried is quite up to my expectations. :(

  14. The duvet looks divine! And the mac and cheese looks fantastic as well! If your not a bread crumbs on top person, try cutting the amount of bread crumbs in half and actually mixing it in instead! that way you get the same taste and some texture without the "crusty" top! I do this :)

  15. OMGosh- My response is just like your post-lol I want to jump all over and say a lot of things. Guess it is a disease many of us here in Blogland share.

    I was going to make Jayme's mac and cheese last night until I discovered I was working until almost 8pm. I am hankering for some this time of year.

    I love your bedding-neutral and nice and I think your hubby will like it too. I have a neutral topper and then ruffled sheets underneath. It's a compromise that seems to work here.

    Hmmmm. I didn't even know about Blogline. I started out in Google and like it quite well. You can scroll through and/or star stuff to find again pretty easily.

    Have a great day-love your "random" post this morning- Hugs- Diana

  16. bloglines? google reader? what are they?
    I just read yesterday that the canned pumpkin shortage will be over soon. Now you have me in the mood for blueberry pumpkin pound cake.
    mac n cheese. What I grew up with and make is not like all those recipes. And no, not the blue box kind either. dang. comfort food attack.
    do like the bedding, it will be a great ground for pillows.

  17. Great question about the RRS reader. I've been looking for one and found this shortlist of the best free (RRS) software by PCMag...,2817,2338823,00.asp

    Looking forward to hearing what you end up with :-)

  18. WOWZA..You are surely living your dream, girl..Im so happy you have found your spot.
    I have that duvet, LOVE IT! it is so light it goes with everthing. also..Im glad Im not on bloglines..dont know about it and can live without it. I am so nearly done with the whole writing thing, I feel mundane and dull. Thats not the whole point. I want to write with joy and its just not coming..but, you never know. Right?
    Still love this place, and you!!
    Carry on, sister..
    Coastal Nest

  19. I snuck those striped shabby sheets on my son's bed and he was none the wiser :)

  20. If only I had seen this posting when it was posted! We grew pie pumpkins in our garden this year and I had an abundance! I canned it all up and would have been happy to give you some! We are still trying to go through 8 jars of pumpkin butter that I canned. I grow all my plants organically!!


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