June 29, 2011

Bits and Pieces

The last several weeks have been jam packed with goings on in the Kershner house. We've had a lot of company, including a 5 day slumber party with a great friend that may or may not have left me with a craft hangover.

There is much to share but little time to do it. When I do get a few minutes I don't quite know where to start. Today I'm just going to dive in and since we don't have any visitors scheduled for a few weeks, I hope to finish up some projects around here to share with you... like those new stairs that are still waiting to be painted!

I seem to be craving colorful things to hang on my walls lately. Also, hello yellow! I'm so glad you've come back into my life.

This is my latest knitting project, a blanket that I made for my newest niece that should be making her debut this Friday. Hello Abby! I can't wait to meet you! I know you are thinking aqua? Why not pink? This happens to be their 3rd girl. They have plenty of pink and requested something a little different for this little princess.

 That ruffle! I could eat it up I love it so. I'm considering a large version of this for myself. Let's see. What else. Well, you know how I love grey? I love it so much that I have used it as the main color in our new cottage. Well, I was in the mood for a new grey accessory so we picked this up a few weeks ago.

Did I mention that I did this while Sweet Hubby was out of town on business? Oh yeah. He loves surprises like this. This is Winnie. Our cute little bundle of grey fluff. We've had her for about 3weeks.

While I know you may be sitting in front of your computer going awwww let me tell you that after an initial  period of sleepy sweetness, this little grey tasmanian devil beast has awakened and is now in full terror mode. Still jealous? Thought not.

Except when she's asleep. Then we all think she is about the cutest thing to ever have walked the planet. One day soon I will have to do a post about the many crazy sleeping positions of Winnie. I'm sure you are on the edge of your seat with anticipation.


  1. I can't believe you said all those things about that little angel-kitty! Just look at her...they couldn't be true.

  2. I love kitties! They're worth the trouble they cause. ;)

  3. I love grey kitties and would be happy to take her off your hands for you ;) That blanket is adorable as well and please tell me where you got that adorable 'You are my Sunshine" sign???

  4. love love the yellow-perfect wall art : )

  5. Isn't funny, you'd think summer would mean catch up but I think looser schedules actually mean less gets done. Your cottage and kitty are both adorable. Love the sign. Can't wait to see more.

  6. I think aqua is the perfect color. Of course it is the color of the latest project I posted. I didn't know if the baby would be a girl or a boy. I am now knitting something pink. Love the grey kitty as well.

  7. That blanket is just beautiful.
    And Winnie? Adorable. Seems like any baby...they go and go then just drop wherever they are.
    xo, Cheryl

  8. kitties make me sneeze but I can't help but love on them.
    I want to get that sign for my sister...where did you find it??

  9. Winnie is the prettiest shade of gray ever!! It's amazing how much mischievous those little cuties can be!
    Love the yellow sign...sunny happy thoughts just flow from it!
    xo J~

  10. Nice to see you posting,Jen, and it sounds like you have been busy but also having fun! That's what summers are for.

    I love your yellow sign. I was never a yellow person and now I am finding myself drawn to the soft yellows I see.

    And that grey? Well that's about the cutest grey I EVER saw! I want one!!! xo Diana

  11. I just love the way you accessorize your home! Your afghan is quite pretty too. I hope to be able to do more crocheting now that I'm home during the day. great inspiration!

  12. p.s. where did you find the yellow sign?

  13. Hi Jen! We are having a last minute yard sale Friday over here on Hunt club!

  14. hi jen,

    i so enjoyed every bit of this post.

    my favorite line:
    Also, hello yellow! I'm so glad you've come back into my life.

    loving the sign. kitty is soooooooooo cute! so is blankie.


  15. Beautiful new aqua blanket for the new little girl. Love the new kitten,they are so sweet....especially when they are sleeping! :)


  16. Jen...If you had only told me that you wanted a cat. My two grown daughters have left their cats with me. The non-cat liker.

    They're cute when they're sleeping but those 2 hours a day when they're awake....stinky trouble.

    I cannot wait to see some pictures. That sign is adorable. How about a bigger peak than that?

    xoxo, Julia

  17. that kitty should be on a greeting card so darn adorable. but they definitely have a mind of their own.

    I am into gray now as well four rooms painted in the last year. Can't wait to see more pics.

  18. I LOVE the baby blanket you made .... beautiful! And if I hadn't seen Winnie in action first hand, I don't think I would have believed that this precious sleeping kitten could be a tasmanian devil in her waking hours : )

  19. Love the sign and the cute blanky...and LOVE that sweet ....err terror of a kitty:)

  20. I love your blanket! I'd love to know where you got the pattern or at least how to make that ruffle. I've done things in that checkered pattern before so I could figure that out but LOVE that ruffle!

    Also, your kitten! She looks just like our Jane and not too much younger. I have pics still on my main page of our kittens. Precious!

  21. Cute kitty. We have an orange Manx boy the same age called Finnegan T. The T stands for trouble, the terror or too cute depending on his mood. He loves to pick on his 3 older sisters much to their dismay!

  22. Jen,
    Your cottage is looking so lovely. I love the yellow "You Are My Sunshine." Just fabulous. And your ruffled knitting is equally lovely!

  23. Winnie is such a doll baby!
    I have a weakness for grey kittens....

  24. I know exactly what you mean - you have to take pictures while she is asleep because while awake she'll attack the camera, right?? :) VERY cute. And I may have to go buy that sign. My grandmother always sang me that song. It would be a nice reminder of her.

  25. Oh my goodness!!! Your kitten is ADORABLE!!!!!


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