July 01, 2011


Millie and I are pondering lots of things these days. She's wondering if I will look away from her long enough for her to pick the kitten's toy mouse up again. She's also wondering if she can get it before the kitten does. I'm pondering things less life changing but still important to me.

-Do you know where I can find a not-too-expensive fun silver necklace for every day wear? My default is always Etsy but I'm overwhelmed by the choices.

-If you had accidentally planted way more tomatoes than you could eat, what would you do with all the extras?

-Anyone know how to get rid of a sudden case of razor rash on the legs?

Okay. Your turn. Any ponderings for me? I'll get you started.

I know several of you want to know where my sunshine sign from the last post came from. You can find it here.


  1. *I recently bought a necklace from this shop for a gift and I was very happy with it.


    *You can give me your extra maters- no problem!

    *Rub some drugstore Aquaphur on your owie.

    Love you!

  2. I bought a chirpping stuffed bird toy for my cat to play with and my dog thinks it's hurt and carries it gently around worring to the point of distraction. Who knew? I am throwing it away!
    As for the tomatoes, you could drive around and throw them at people. We hate tomatoes LOL.
    I'm pondering what else to do with all the antique cutter quilts I have aquired recently. Happy 4th

  3. I just so happen to have a fantastic necklace in my Etsy shop! haha. I just love the pictures of your widdle puppy wuppy and kitty! (well, I realize it's not a puppy - I just can't help calling big giant dogs puppies! haha)

  4. The expression on your pup's face is priceless. Too many tomatoes? My grandfather loved giving his away. I suspect you have neighbors who would be ever so grateful. Hugs! Bonnie

  5. What sweet eyes your pooch has and his patience for the kitty is priceless. I'm pondering why I waited till we hit triple digits to start a mini renovation in the UPSTAIRS (very hot) bathroom, three weeks before my very picky sister comes to stay? Did you know old houses get very hot upstairs...in July?

  6. Quarter whatever tomatoes you cannot eat and lay them out on cookie sheets and freeze them. when they are frozen you can put them in gallon zip lock bags and store them in the freezer. I use mine all winter long for chili or tomato sauce. The skin just peels right off. Enjoy!

    I love the look on your dogs face :-)


  7. Your pup is so cute:):)

    Dogs are simply the best!!!

    ps...i'm having a little give-away on my blog!! Stop on by if you have a chance:)

  8. I'm a bit new (love it so far) so not sure if you do canning, but what about making tomato preserves as well as homemade spagetti sauces, canning them for use throughout the year. Will bring the garden fresh taste to you in the middle of winter as well as saving a bit of money.

    Some home remedies for razor burn - cucumber and calendula, cold black tea or coconut oil. All will help soothe it. :)

  9. Hi!
    that tomato thing happens to me every summer!
    Mostly now, I freeze the whole tomatoes in zip bags. It works like a charm! When I'm in the mood I may make some jars of pizza sauce and some jars of basic sauce for soups, stews, pasta etc.
    Last year, I also made 3 jars of sundried tomatoes. Too little I'm afraid...!
    It helps that I have a spare fridge in the basement so I don't have to sterilize.

  10. You have to enter that photo somewhere. It is adorable. That face on your sweet Millie. Then that tiny little mouse. I love how Millie just moves her eyes a tiny bit and let's the kitty get the mouse. So sweet.

  11. Jen - Oh the SWEETNESS of your pup-n-mouse photo!! Adore it!
    In re: to your extra fruit pondering - funniest thing is I just posted the same on my blog! (abundantfinds.blogspot) Such a coinkinydink..... anyway -
    Do you have a local shelter/food provider for persons in need? One of our local ones has people that will even come pick! good luck!
    Oh, would love to see more of the new home!

  12. 1. the necklace...

    Annie makes them to help[ support styling home with Ollie.
    I gave one to Coop Keeper and she loves it. It is a bee charm and a disk that says you ( be you)
    They are sterling and you can wear daily I have one that has a washer look with a pearl and it says ...you are precious in his sight.
    I love them.
    2.make salsa with those tomatoes
    3. wear pants ;)

    I am off to order on of those signs!! Have a great 4th!!

  13. Do you live anywhere near Kohl's? They are my go-to for quick whatevers I need.
    Razor burn: Aloe. I use Vaseline Intensive Care for everything.

    xo, Cheryl

  14. on the tomato issue--share them with your neighbors!

    one of our neighbors will load up her atv with all of her extra produce and drive around the 'hood distributing homegrown produce.

    we love her.

    nanne in columbus, indiana

  15. What a sweet dog!! I have also probably planted too many tomatoes, but between my freezer, my friends and the grasshoppers I expect we'll be fine.

  16. Hi Jen, found you over at The vintage farm house... Love your blog I'm on the other side of town Fishers It's nice to meet you.. hope to see you at Horton's next weekend


  17. Lisa Leonard makes beautiful necklaces.

  18. oh my goodness I love your sweet dog and new gray baby! We have been talking about getting a kitten but I just love being hair free the last four petless years.

    Have you looked at stella and dot...I have my eye on a few things there.

  19. Oven dry your tomatoes to concentrate the flavor. Slice them, arrange on a parchment-lined baking sheet, sprinkle with salt and pepper, then put them in the oven at the lowest setting, around 175 F, for about eight hours. I do this overnight - in the oven at bedtime, then out first thing in the morning. Put them in zipper bags and take out as you need them for salads, flatbreads and pasta. Late summer flavor all winter long!

  20. Yes! I know where you can get a perfect, everyday simple necklace. Custom so you can have anything you want but check out the shop to get some ideas.


  21. Whoops! Forgot to give you the web address.


  22. wish i could take some tomatoes off of your hands :) i would make tomato sauce...and lots of caprese salads...i love that so much!

  23. may sound macabe.. but every time my mind wanders I can't help but wonder what this next year has for us.. DH has to have yet another operation (4th this year) and go back onto chemo for 12 months .. new cocktail this time with numerous side effects... ugghh .. okay enough of that though, show me the necklace so I can stop my mind from wandering!

  24. I love your dog! We have a Golden too, but ours has her summer cut now. Goldens have the most expressive faces, don't they?

    I use something called Dream Cream when I get razor rash or for any other type of sensitive skin. Ihave to order it from lush.com but it is worth every penny. I love it.

  25. hello, sweetie pie (or sweetie scone),

    - for necklaces my go-to lately is nestprettythings on etsy

    - excess tomatoes? maybe experiment with catsup making -- or, make tons of salsa and throw a party -- even if it's for just the 4 of you.

    - razor rash: try antibiotic ointment followed by a shave-cation! {lol}

    happy weekend


  26. ps

    thank you for including the link to where you found the sign. love it (of course).



  27. The look on Millie's face is priceless! She certainly is pondering!

  28. Extra tomatoes? Can as many as you can stand doing. Then, relish. I have my great grandmothers recipe. This relish makes me happy all year long. Delish on sandwiches, grilled cheese or awesome savoury scones.


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