June 17, 2011

Summer Lovin'

Summer is in full swing around the cottage.

This is our first full week of it and we are starting to get used to the new normal. Well, the girls are. I probably won't get used to it at all.

Summers are a strange time for me and maybe for most stay-at-home moms? I miss my routine and having a little time and space for myself and for getting things done but I love the easy go-with-the-flowness of our days.

Today Emma had her 1st annual Summer Celebration party with a few of her friends. I love girls this age. Give them a jump rope, bubbles, a swing and a pretty lunch and they are happy as can be.

Giggly, carefree sing-songy and silly. Oh to be 10 again. Maybe I should plan a big girls version of this party?


  1. We are in summer vacation mode around here too, but sadly there's no outdoor activities. The temps are above 100 every day -- closer to 115 and over most days. And dust. Yuck! Enjoy these days. Tammy

  2. oh, i think that is a great idea! :)

    my daughter is 28 now...but i still remember those laid back summer days!!


  3. I think a "big girls" version of your lunch would be wonderful. Can I come? Blessings, Ann

  4. I'm in...sounds like a wonderful day!

  5. I second that on a big girls day. If you do, have fun!

  6. A big girl's version of that party would be just divine. Love the photos!

  7. I always had to get used to holidays as a young mum. Like you say, you miss that time to yourself. Oh to be ten again!

  8. That is a great idea, girl! Treasure your girls while they're home. Mine are long grown. Good old summer time!

  9. I so miss having a young one at home. I am an early riser so I always had my bit of free time then. I definitely think you should have a "big girl" party including the giggles.

    Thanks for stopping by over at my place. I agree children having a grand time is the best summertime music. I have so enjoyed following your blog.

  10. Ooh, that looks like fun! Yes, I definitely think a big girl summer party is called for.

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  12. so cute!
    your pictures look right out of a magazine

    i know how you feel about summer...i stay conflicted most of the time. while i love the downtime of their schedules, i miss my quiet time. i feel terribly unproductive...oh well.


  13. Oh yes, plan a big girl version... and be sure to get cute striped paper straws for that one too :)


  14. Yes, go on ahead and plan the Big Girl day.

    And your hankies!!!!

    Swoon. :)

  15. Jen: I know just what you mean about loving the ease of summer, but missing your routine! Not only is my son out of school for the summer, but so is my husband. I love having them around (most of the time), but it does take some adjustment! I like the idea of having a grown up party just like your daughter's except I'd leave out the jump rope because that just sounds like exercise to me! :) Take care!

  16. Oh! That looks so perfect. Love your hankies and your table setting. The colors make me sigh :)

  17. I remember my daughter at that age (she's 27 now). The summers were fun. Enjoy it - they won't last forever. Lana

  18. Love the hankies! Very pretty. Do a big girl's summer luncheon. And take lots and lots of photos to share. Okay?! - Cheers, Kathy

  19. yes, please have one for big girls. and invite me. ;o) it is SO hard to get into a summer groove ... this is our second week out, and so far we've all been so busy with camps and swim lessons and vbs, etc., that everyone is exhausted and grumpy. and it continues this week. i'm hoping the kids and i get to enjoy some actual "summer" next week. it looks like you gave your daughter and her friends a lovely day ... i might steal your idea and do one here for harp and her girlfriends!

  20. We are going into
    the second full week
    of being off of school
    and I admit, I'm chafing
    just a wee bit....still
    trying to find that new
    normal : ) Love these
    sweet pics. I want to
    throw a girlie party!
    xx Suzanne

  21. so lovin all of this! I love what you did with the vintage hankies! I have a box full.....knotting up a storm!

  22. i wanna help you plan and attend this little grown up party! LET'S TALK WOMAN! : ) looks darling! i'm inspired! think i'll have one for my ten-year-old! love ya!

  23. ah, those carefree summer days! such happy memories! :)

  24. I stay home with my little one but still haven't tasted any freedom...she will be starting kindergarten this fall. Two and a half hours long...I'm happy it's not full day just yet but I was hoping for at least three hours! Love the pretty lunch you put together for the girls.

  25. I'm the same...I miss my routine & time to myself! But, I know that its a special time for my little girl so I'm trying to fill the days with special activities & crafts.


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