July 30, 2012

Things I've Learned

I've learned that if you put your summer to do list on a chalkboard in the middle of your dining room at the beginning of the hottest, driest summer that God ever handed out, you will likely be forced to face your failures daily.

I've learned that if you hang a chalkboard, your oldest daughter will write the cat questions on it and wait for answers. And while said cat is smart enough to try to open doors, I still don't believe she can read. I am pretty sure that she is at least part kangaroo though.

I've learned that when you wake up at 3am you might not be bright eyed and bushy tailed enough to make a pie in the morning. That rhubarb you were so excited to find at the farmer's market? It won't taste especially yummy when you forget to put the cup of sugar in with it, causing that slice of pie to be so tart that it leaves your face permanently puckered.

I've learned that if one day you start a blog on a whim, you will at some point in the future find yourself held up and encouraged by people with so much kindness in their hearts that it will fill you with gratitude. For the comments, emails, texts and phone calls I received last week, I thank you. This is a fresh new day and I've learned that those are the best kind.


  1. What a great post, Jen. You mean your cat CAN'T read (YET?;>)

    I agree with you about the quality of people I find in Blogland- amazing! xo Diana

  2. Nice post Jen....
    that crust on the "puckerey" pie looks deeelicious...what is it???

    Linda :o)

  3. Can you ask Millie if she wants to come live me? "Wag your tail in excitement for Yes!" You can just ask her, I'm pretty sure she reads lips because she is just that awesome.

    Cheers to the July renaissance!

  4. i love that big chalkboard and am drooling over that corner cupboard, so cute! last week i couldn't sleep one night so at 1:30 a.m. i thought i would make homemade muffins. wellll, i forgot one ingredient in the topping and they just didn't taste right at all! no more late night baking for me : )
    happy monday!!

  5. cute post jen. and i love the line - "the hottest, driest summer that God ever handed out."

    i may be quoting you on that.

  6. A lovely post...your sense of humor and honesty are refreshing. It's so easy and comfortable to visit here with you. Your chalkboard is great...I could use a tool like that to help remind me what I am supposed to be doing! Enjoy your summer with more simple pleasures...family and friends...you are right...that is what matters most. Take care, Laura

  7. Lovely writing, Honey.
    And the pie? Could it be fixed with a huge dollop of ice cream on top??

  8. sweet as can be - You, not the pie!

  9. I LOL reading about forgetting to put the sugar in! How disappointing, but so funny, too!
    The kitty is pretty smart. :)
    I love the green of your chalkboard. So fun to have one so large.


  10. it sounds like our summer list accomplishments are pretty similar ;) and i'm sooo sad about your pie. it looks delicious though. i was going to suggest covering it with ice cream too!

  11. At least you didn't put salt in instead!

  12. Oh Jen - this post was just what I needed today - so sweet! (except for the pie - my mouth seriously puckered!) I love the chalk board though...: -)

  13. Sorry your pie didn't quite work out, but it made for a sweet story to write and laugh about later.

  14. I LOVE your chalkboard! And that cat question {and answer section} is so hysterical! Too cute!
    Newest follower,
    Dori @ belljarvintage.blogspot.com

  15. what a sweet cat. i like the chalk board and i love the color of the turquoise door. can you please share the color and brand with me?
    thanks. love your blog!


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