October 12, 2012


Four months ago today we were in Paris. About 4 days ago today I finally finished my travel journal. I'm nothing if not a procrastinator.

I have cherished the memories from that trip every day since we got back. I can't believe it's been four months.

Actually, I can't believe we went in the first place. I never went on a vacation growing up so even going on a small vacation seems like a big deal to me.

I love that this journal will help me remember the trip forever. Since it will probably be the last trip we take for awhile, it's that much more special to me.

I thought I'd share some of my favorite pages. I love journals that are full of bits and pieces of things. We collected ephemera everywhere we went. Even the grey ribbon that ties the journal closed was from a bag received on a shopping trip in London.

As much as I love the idea of journals, and buying journals, I have to push myself to do the actual journaling part.

I'm hoping that will start to come more naturally to me as I love the end result.

I love the layers in the journal. I love how stuff sticks out the ends. I love that it's so stuffed fat with memories that it won't stay closed without that ribbon.

The square pictures are instagram pictures printed through an app called PostalPix. I love them and will definitely order more.

My favorite materials to use were vintage labels, japanese masking tape, glassine envelopes, fabric, stamps and my petite European stapler.

Here's the back where I've taped a postcard from the fab Pam Garrison with a quote about making dreams come true.

Okay, speaking of finishing...our kitchen? Totally not finished, but making progress! This morning I made a list (told you I love them) of all the things that need to happen to finish it. That's one long list. My current goal is to be done by Thanksgiving. I'm pretty sure that's pushing it. My dear Hubby thought the last picture I shared with you didn't do the mess justice so here is a better one. Or worse. Depending on your view. Please note the hideous hole to the right on the ceiling and the debris EVERYWHERE.

Now you have a better understanding of how far we've come in this latest picture. I hope it will look even better come Monday. I'll be sure and keep you updated. It's going much slower than I would like but I'm trying to retain reasonable expectations. Not always easy for a girl like me.

Are you starting to see the vision? It's going to be so much better. Still not my "dream" kitchen but it will be my "I can live with it for a few years and not cry when I cook in it kitchen".


  1. Your journal looks wonderful. I didn't create a journal when I went to Paris....now I wish I had.

    Your kitchen is going to be wonderful when it is done. I can see it...

  2. Looking great so far! It will be worth the work. :)

  3. That journal is fabulous in all its glorious details, Jen! Blogging has been the only type of "journaling" I've been able to maintain. :) However, when I went to England in March, I did keep a Cath Kidston journal and recorded each day's doings. (I should pull it out and read it through...)

    The progess in your kitchen is looking great, too! Those planks on the walls and ceiling are scrummy! Good luck as the work continues!

    Long-time lurker, first-time commenter,
    Carolina Country Living

  4. Ok that first picture of the kitchen scared me:) but wow!! it's really looking great!

    Your journal is so thoughtful and pretty, what a great way to keep those memories. When I went to Paris with my mom a few years ago, she made us both shutterfly books as a Christmas gift.

  5. It looks just beautiful!! You did an amazing job!!
    Hope you have a lovely night.

  6. What a pretty journal! Love that.

  7. adoring the vision!!! and the journal! you are nothing less than fantabulous!


  8. Your journal is gorgeous! Good for you for finally sitting down and doing it. Four months isn't bad. You don't want to know how long I've been working on a scrapbook for my nieces...

    I can see your kitchen finally coming together a bit. I'm excited for you!

  9. I love all the pretty details in your journal - the bits and pieces that you gathered make it so special. Good for you that you finished it.

    Your kitchen is coming along very nicely. The first picture scared me! Thank goodness you have a handy hubby. Can't wait to see it all finished with your special touches. xx

  10. I almost cried for you when I saw the picture of your kitchen torn to shreds, thank gosh you posted the last picture so I could feel better for you! It looks great and I'm happy you can actually use it and not hate it for now.
    The vacation journal is such a great idea and I love how you used so many little bits and bobs from your trip to create it!

  11. I think it's a lovely looking kitchen. And the journal is so cute; I'm always planning to do that --- but somehow, it's not yet happened!

  12. i don't know where to start....

    the kitchen is coming along great. i see the vision and LOVE it. it is going to be perfect when finished.

    and the travel journal....i see these and just want to make one so bad and never do. good for you for finishing it. 4 months is nothing. i have some on my to do list from a year ago. i use postal pix too. so perfect for ig pictures.

    have a great day.

  13. Oh, the kitchen is looking great, Jen! I can see where you're going and it's going to be so much better.

    Love, love your travel journal. Beautifully done.


  14. Your journal is so lovely what a way to keep memories. I so wished I'd done them when I travelled. As for your kitchen, I am so glad someone else is in my world we are also doing our bathroom too, the house is a complete mess, here's to finished kitchens :-) Annie

  15. I like the way your journal looks!
    Wow! your kitchen will be so nice when you are all done! I like the wood walls and even the ceiling is going to be amazing! YOU ARE LUCKY
    your husband can use a saw! My husband pays for someone to do all of our design work but I wish he was that talented! I wish I could pay someone to do my sewing for my home. Instead I have to do it and I would rather be at the beach or at a movie!

  16. I took along a journal when we went to Paris intending to fill it with all sorts of ephemera and I came back with nothing. Yours turned out so beautifully. I can definitely see where you are going with the kitchen. It's already looking great. Best wishes, Tammy

  17. I was just going to ask about the kitchen...it's looking better ;)

    LOVE the journal - I love the idea of a journal but i'm not creative enough..

  18. Wow! What a job you are doing. Looking great! And I love your journal. So very special. Kit

  19. Love your journal....I'm planning my first overseas trip for next Fall to visit my daughter in Germany....can't wait!

    I love your kitchen.....it is looking so good! You can see where your going with it and it is going to be fantastic!!! We have been in this old farmhouse 9yrs now and we are still working on it!

  20. Jen,
    I love your journal! Just fabulous. I understand the kitchen situation. I live in a redone kitchen that "works" ...not my dream...but I also get to live in a Village!

  21. I love to journal. I write, but I love the idea of filling it full of stuff. Your journal looks fabulous. I know the impatience of wanting a remodeling project completed now...it will get there and be wonderful.

    Itsn't it amazing how fast time goes by?

  22. Your journal looks absolutely beautiful. I've never done a journal but really love to. I have a ton of bits an pieces collected on our Honeymoon over three years ago that I dream of turning into one and I would love to start some kind or running journal/album of my little one's life so far and one for the soon to be arriving new baby. You've really inspired me today. I must get on and do them all. Love the way the kitchen is starting to look. I can definitely see your vision. Fiona x

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  24. I just found you today googling around...not sure how I got to you other than divine intervention. Your sense of humor cracks. me. up. Your decorating and design ideas are inspiring, what you have done with your house is amazing, and your honesty, well, that's appreciated. Keep it up! You have a new fan!

  25. Oh Boy....it looks like you are coming around the home stretch, though!

  26. Jen, I feel like a this is a radio talk show when I say to you "Long time reader, first time commenter" but I have to say how great the kitchen looks. I see your vision!

    And the travel journal is just precious. Beautiful memories!

    I love your blog and log on often to see all the beauty in your life. Very inspiring!

  27. I love the journal...what a great idea! Wish I had done them for our family trips!
    Looking forward to seeing your kitchen progress!

  28. okay. i really want to sit down with a cup of tea and look page by page through your journal. love love love the glimpses you've shared here!

    and the kitchen is really looking great...excited to see the continue progress!

  29. My European journals are some of my favorite. It is nice to be able to go back and look through them to remember a place we went or what we did.

    Yours is beautiful. Enjoy it!

  30. Your journal looks amazing. It is really coming along. So is your kitchen! You'll be so happy when it is done!!!
    Thank you for your comment about Diggie's. She was a sweetie and will be missed.

  31. Love the journal. Sweet and compact yet full of goodness. And I see progress in that kitchen. One day, you will look back and not remember what the "before" was.

    Praying for your strength and patience. ;) Julia

  32. I totally see your vision......it looks great! I could handle having a cup of coffee in it right now!! Lots of love from us over here redoing our attic.....to you doing your kitchen. {takes so long--but worth it in the end!}

  33. HI Jen, I so love your journal and you are inspiring me to do one as well. Like you I love all the gathering, and the finished product but have a hard time starting the process of putting it all together.



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