December 15, 2020

Christmas Spirit

If I let myself, I would happily shirk all of my responsibilities and spend every last minute of my day in the studio. Time passes with a different cadence between these walls. I get lost in a project and before I know it hours have passed and I never accomplish as much as I think I will. That's okay. Maybe even preferred as it lends itself to having an excuse to visit again soon. I am  also drawn more and more to the peace I find here. I find myself wanting to go to bed early so that I can awake early and hurry back to my space. 

Fortunately, lately I have had plenty of reasons to squirrel away stolen moments here. My favorite of which, was putting together an advent for my best friend Melissa. You may recall seeing her pop up in my blog before since almost the beginning of times. We met at an art retreat and became immediate friends sharing a love of creativity among many others. 

This year, anticipating that Christmas could be a rather bleak affair, and that not only would my much anticipated return to hosting a Christmas crafting party have to be postponed, and that we wouldn't even be able to see each other, we were inspired to exchange a 12 day advent leading up to Christmas with a handmade gift to open on Christmas day. I've loved having something fun to work on and anticipate.

It was one of the better decisions I've made this year. It has been such a bright spot for me and a joy to focus on. It jump started my creativity in a way that I desperately needed. I'd say that and not spending much time reading the news are responsible for a more well balanced mental state than in quarantine past. 

One of my favorite parts was gathering up bits around the studio that fit my vision for packaging the advent. I wish I had finished it earlier so I could've had it sitting around looking beautiful and making me happy for awhile.

It was a little bittersweet shipping it off but I knew if anybody would enjoy it as much as I did, it would be Melissa. We're like peas and carrots. In fact, last time I was visiting her, while out shopping, a lady asked if we were sisters. That is so funny to me because we look zero alike. I think it had a lot more to do with how we behave when we're together which is very much like people who have the total comfort level of sisterhood. ;)


I gently packaged everything up, wishing I could deliver it in person but hoping that she could at least feel the love that went into that box and looking forward to the day when we will again be together creating, talking, laughing (always laughing), shopping, getting lost on an adventure or just sitting quietly next to each other watching cheesy movies in our pajamas and not needing to say a word.

And lucky for me, shortly after sending it off, her amazing advent arrived and has been thrilling me to pieces for the last three mornings!

Can you even imagine receiving anything so beautiful in the mail? I was gobsmacked!


  1. I know how every simple moment is so savored by you, and that studio!! I loved reading about your gifts, now that's the spirit we need!!

    Jane ๐ŸŽ„

  2. Oh wow! So love your creativity! But, seriously: you can't open that box!! It's far too beautiful!!

  3. That is the cutest Advent presentation I've ever seen! LOVE it! This is such a lovely post. I don't blame you for turning off the Mockingbird media. All they do is lie and instill fear; it isn't healthy for us mentally!

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Both packages are absolutely beautiful! Such creativity, fun, love and beauty in those packages.

    I left Facebook four days ago. I disabled my account but darn it, I am finding when I need to log back into other accounts such as Spotify, etc., I had originally registered via my FB account so it reactivates that account! I've thrown my hands up in the air and I simply just do not go on FB. I thought it would be hard to stay away and it was the first two days, but now I'm over it. I also never watch the news on TV (never did anyway), don't go online to look at the news, I'm not on Twitter, and the only newspaper I glance through is the Sunday Chicago Tribune, which we have delivered. Like you, I like to keep my life as peaceful and un-newsy as possible.


  5. Oh my! Your package is so beautiful put together.. and the one you received is awesome too! Who would have ever thought to decorate the outside of the shipping box! Your friend is definitely very creative and thinks "outside of the box"!!! How fun to have this exchange to keep your occupied during this time. I too don't watch much news at all... it's just better to be in my craft room with my head in the sand! It's my own little haven. Happy Christmas! Marilyn

  6. Oh, how lovely both packages are. Yours is overflowing with exquisiteness, and as for your friend's....I can only imagine what is behind the door of this lovely present!

  7. I think you are both equally blessed!!! Sad to have to even open that box! I love that you gals were able to do this and enjoy the season in a different sort of way. Praying next year will be different. xo Diana

  8. Such care and love. The best sort of gift! ๐ŸŒฒ๐Ÿ’•๐ŸŒฒ Kit


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